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Clinical Hypnotherapy in London

Is it worth having clinical hypnotherapy in London? Will clinical hypnotherapy help me with my problem?

There are many therapists that practise clinical hypnotherapy in London. Clinical hypnotherapy is an effective tool in the treatment of a large number of psychological conditions. For example, clinical hypnotherapy can be used to treat phobias, anxiety, alcoholism, performance anxiety and stress; it can also be extremely helpful in enhancing abilities, providing support, for example, for people involved in sport, music and public speaking. However, although there are many therapists who use clinical hypnotherapy in London, it should always be used by a trained practitioner-a psychotherapist, doctor, psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.

How long will my treatment programme be if I undertake clinical hypnotherapy in London?

David Kraft, at 10 Harley Street, does not give guarantees; however, his strategic approach, which combines psychotherapy with hypnotherapy, is designed to help people reach their goals in the shortest time possible. Clinical Hypnotherapy is used in order to make the treatment more effective and more powerful. Clinical Hypnotherapy has life-changing effects and can be utilized by the individual on his or her own throughout the week. For example, anchoring techniques can be used to fulfil one’s potential in difficult situations outside the consulting room.

David Kraft is a skilled psychotherapist who uses clinical hypnotherapy; he is based at 10 Harley Street in Central London. His treatment strategy focuses on the needs of each individual. In the first session, the consultation is of an hour’s duration. Here, David Kraft will listen to the client and, together, they will devise a treatment programme which is suitable. Sessions thereafter are 50 minutes. During each session, the client has full control. (S)he will talk about whatever is important, and the off-loading of conflicts and highly-charged emotions onto the therapist has a powerfully therapeutic effect. Clinical Hypnotherapy is then used to enhance and enrich this process.

Who do I ring if I want to find somebody who uses clinical hypnotherapy in London? How do I know if clinical hypnotherapy is for me?

David Kraft is skilled psychotherapist who uses clinical hypnotherapy in central London. It is important to find a therapist who has experience and who has been trained in a recognized therapy. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a dual procedure and is based on trust. In the consultation session, it is important that you get on with your therapist and that you feel supported by him or her. David Kraft believes that everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy. It is important to build rapport in the first few sessions and to ask as many questions as are necessary. Hypnotherapy is perfectly safe; therapists have been trained to cater for your individual needs and to help you gain control of your life. It is important to make sure that your therapist is recognized by a professional body. David Kraft is a trained psychotherapist who uses clinical hypnotherapy; he is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine; he is a member of the Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine Section; and he is also on the General Hypnotherapy Register.

It used to be the case that one had to be referred by one’s GP; however, nowadays, David Kraft finds that may people just ring up (020 7467 8564) and book an appointment. It is as simple as that. And, in addition, the GP doesn’t have to know about your therapy: it is your right to tell your GP or to keep it confidential.