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Button Phobia is a rare condition but for those people who are afflicted it is extremely inconvenient. Life is very complicated for them as they cannot handle any sort of buttons. This means that their clothing has to be fastened in other ways such as zips or Velcro. This condition responds well to hypnotherapy during which the patient is taken back to the original incident which was responsible for development of the phobia.

In some cases the patient will be able to identify the precise origin of the phobia whereas other patients find this much more complicated. For example, a simple scenario could be that the incident involved a mother asking a small child to pass a button to her and the child knocks the button box onto the floor and as the buttons fall out one rolls underneath a wardrobe or desk and the child gets its hand stuck under the piece of furniture while trying to retrieve it. As the story is retold by the patient in the hypnosis the emotions are released and this sets the person free from the phobia.

It is not always possible to identify the original trauma; in these cases the therapist allows the patient the freedom to explore their past to try and find any associations which might be connected to the cause of their problem.

Using this approach patients suffering from Button Phobia are likely to make an excellent recovery.


Please note that the author has deliberately included a picture of some chocolate buttons so as not to alarm any potential phobic patients.

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