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Code of Conduct

It is important as a psychotherapist to respect all the different types of religious, spiritual, political and social beliefs of our clients. Even though we ourselves have our own belief systems, we must remain unbiased and respectful. It is also essential to provide psychological treatment which is unbiased to all clients irrespective of age, race, gender, ethnic origin, sexuality, educational ability, culture, social standing, marital status or political views. One can only provide for the best needs of our client if one can begin to understand how they feel, think and behave; this can only be done if one can show them mutual respect and if one is open to understanding the environment in which they live. Psychotherapists must behave with courtesy, respect and complete discretion. They should be empathetic and not sympathetic. The relationship between the psychotherapist and the client or patient must, at all times, be professional. The psychotherapist must not meet a client outside the consulting room, or enter into any platonic relationship with a client. If they do meet outside the consulting room it must be with mutual consent. Similarly, he must never have physical relations with a client or former client. In addition, the psychotherapist must not enter into any business activity with a client or former client. The psychotherapist must not be motivated by any self interest, and should provide services to the client which are appropriate to their specific individual needs. All services, including psychodynamic and hypnotherapy (hypnosis), must be explained adequately to the client before treatment begins.

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