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Counselling and Employee Assistance Programmes


‘Thriving at Work’, which is an independent review of mental health in the corporate world, estimated that the potential cost of an employee with a psychological problem is £1, 400 per year. Many organisations in the corporate world have been advised to set up a mental health work plan in order to avoid potential problems in the workplace. And, it has been beneficial for organisations to communicate these provisions to all the employees. Other strategies include the following: raising mental health awareness, encouraging open conversations about psychological issues, promoting a work-life balance and routinely monitoring employees’ well-being.


When an employee needs particular care and attention, I usually get a telephone call from a line manager or company director. I then arrange a consultation session with the individual and set up a counselling programme of 6-10 sessions, after which we review the progress made and decide whether further appointments are required. This system works exceptionally well, in most cases: I have seen employees on the staff floor, from middle management and from senior management for a range of psychological problems. All the information given in the session is strictly confidential.


If you would like to speak to me about setting up a Counselling and Employee Assistance Programme, please telephone my secretary on 0207 467 8564, or email dmjkraftesq@yahoo.co.uk.


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