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Mokichi Okada

“The founder of the Johrei system was a Japanese man called Mokichi Okada (1882-1955). Okada wanted to create a peaceful world in which everyone lived healthily and happily. His vision was that people would help each other in their communities.

Mokichi Okada practised Johrei; in this spiritual process, universal energy is transferred from the sun onto the person: it is a two-way process. This universal energy has a huge beneficial effect on an individual’s state of being. Individuals feel more energized and relaxed; they feel happier, more confident and more able to achieve their own personal goals.

This Japanese art form has been taken on by people in the Isan region of Thailand. Not only have the principles of Johrei-specifically the nature farming and eating of naturally grown food produce-been taken on by Isan men and women in the wider community, but also the Sekai Krusei-kyo health care practices in Isan, particuarly in Nakhon Ratchasima, have set up mental development courses following Johrei tehniques, and have begun to teach the doctrines of the Sekai Kyusei-Kyo. The four truths of the philosphy are Mutitah (the celebration of other people’s happiness), Maehtta (compassion), Kharuna (mercy) and Ubeka (tranquility). Therapists have to perform three responsibilities to fufil their modus vivendi: homage, Johrei therapy and a disapline known as ‘serving the faith’ (Phaengsoi, 2009).

Like Johrei, hypnotherapy is also a two way process by which energy can be transferred from an outside source. During the process of content free therapy, the hypnotherapist can facilitate an environment in which the client can move energy from one place to another, thereby using the universal energy to help him to live a more appropriate and fulfilling life. The energy can also be used to eliminate negative energy, what, in Johrei terminology, might be known as ‘clouds’.

This is a healing process. Okada called it the Process of Purification, and, like hypnotherapy, it can be used to eliminate toxins found in illnesses or problems such as IBS, the flu, tiredness, anger, psychosomatic pain, mild rheumatism and depression. Both healing processes can also be used to manage or eliminate life-threatening conditions.


Johrei and David Kraft

Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, David Kraft, has been working in private practice form many years. He has visited Thailand on many occasions and has begun to learn about the philosophy of the Sekai Krusei-Kyo school. He has also begun to learn about the principles of Johrei. He hopes, in the future, having learnt from trained masters in Thailand, to use Johrei in order to enhance his work as a hypnotherapist. David Kraft already uses, and has had great success in employing, energy therapy in conjunction with hypnotherapy.
For more information, please look at the following article which is available free on the world wide web.

Phaengsoi, K (2009). The application of Japanese Knowledge of Sekai Kyusei-Kyo religious movement in health care practices of the citizens in Northeast Thailand. The Social Sciences, 4 (2): 207-211.




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