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This treatment approach is based on original work carried out by David Kraft.

The headache which migraine sufferers experience is often of such severity and so incapacitating that the patient has to retire to bed. Light is particularly disturbing for them, and they find it helpful to lie in a darkened room. The pain is usually on one side of the head and some patients will experience visual disturbances before the attack begins. This condition interferes with every day activities, and may last for several days.

It has been shown that hypnotherapy can be very helpful in the treatment of migraine.

It is an important aspect of David Kraft’s treatment programme for migraine that it does not focus on the headache itself but allows the patient to direct his or her thoughts to what ever they choose.

During the hypnosis the individual is asked to think of a “special place” where they feel perfectly comfortable and secure. After this has been firmly established they are invited to let their minds wander freely so that they can identify and examine problem areas in their lives. The therapist then works with them to resolve these issues. As the treatment progresses they find that the frequency of migraine attacks reduces and eventually if they persevere with the therapy will subside altogether. During the initial sessions the patient is taught self hypnosis and it is essential that they practise this daily.




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