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This treatment approach is based on original work carried out by the late Tom Kraft. See publications.

Night terrors usually occur in children and young people. A night terror differs from a nightmare in that the patient does not wakeup despite the alarming nature of the dream and has no memory of its content. Often the person lets out a scream and may walk in their sleep so that they are found still asleep, in a state of terror, in another part of the building and need to be guided back to bed.

Hypnotherapy is most helpful in the treatment of this condition. During the hypnosis it is interesting to find that the content of the night terror can now be recalled and described in detail. With the help of the therapist the person is enabled to change the outcome of the content of the terrifying dream and bring it to a more acceptable conclusion. The ultimate aim of this treatment is to eliminate the night terrors. David Kraft has used this treatment approach to great effect




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