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Phobias 2

The term phobia is used when a person is terrified of an object or a situation which other people would regard as harmless. This leads to avoidance of the feared situation or object which in turn increases the severity of the phobia.

Treatment is aimed at making it possible for the patient to cope with their phobia and ultimately over come it. Hypnosis can be extremely helpful in the treatment of phobic disorders but not all patients agree to have hypnotherapy, in which case a different approach to treatment is used.

An alternative approach to treatment may involve the therapist accompanying and supporting the patient as they confront the phobia in a real life situation. On the other hand some patients prefer to have individual psychotherapy in which they can explore the emotional problems responsible for the development of the phobia, but even with this form of treatment it is essential that the patient encounters the target of their fears.

In some cases the therapist may employ a combination of all three of these forms of treatment.

David Kraft specialises in the treatment of phobias and has successfully treated a large number of phobic patients. Some of the phobias he has treated with excellent results include:-

– Animal Phobia
– Arachnophobia
– Balloon Phobia
– Bird Phobia
– Chemotherapy Phobia
– Dental Phobia
– Driving Phobia
– Examination Phobia
– Flying Phobia
– Heat Phobia
– Injection Phobia
– Snake Phobia
– Traffic Phobia
– Wasp Phobia
– Water Phobia




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