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Restless Legs Syndrome

The term Restless Leg Syndrome refers to a feeling of agitation in the lower limbs. Although this is considered to be a sleep disorder and usually occurs when attempting to go to sleep or during the course of the night causing the patient to wake up there are people who develop this symptom in other situations such as when sitting or lying still.

The symptoms may be mild in nature or may be so severe that the person cannot remain in bed and needs to pace up and down. As a result this symptom may seriously interfere with sleep which in turn may lead to irritability during the day time.

Before making the diagnosis it is important to ensure that the symptoms are not a side effect of taking a particular medication or caused by vascular disease of the lower limbs.

Restless Leg Syndrome is not a life threatening condition, but nevertheless causes distress to the person concerned and the lack of sleep may affect the quality of life.

This condition responds well to Hypnotherapy. The deep form of relaxation achieved during hypnosis allows the patient to counteract the feelings of agitation in their leg. During the treatment sessions the patient is encouraged to learn self-hypnosis and to use this daily at home.


This treatment approach is based on original work carried out by David Kraft.


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