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Hypnotherapy Courses in London

There are lots of hypnotherapy courses in London. How do I choose the right course for me?

Whether you want to learn about the potential of hypnotherapy or you are considering a change of career, there are a number of courses that you can do in London. But where do you go and what course should you do? What are the best hypnotherapy courses in London?

If you are a trained healthcare professional-a doctor, a nurse, a clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist or accredited psychologist or counsellor-one of the best courses in London is the programme run by the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH). These hypnotherapy courses in London (and there are also ones that are offered outside), are designed for health professionals and are run by experienced clinicians who use hypnosis in their practices. The courses have a firm theoretical component. Most, if not all of the lecturers, have published widely in international and national journals and have a thorough understanding of the process of hypnotherapy and the effect it has on the body. Many clinicians that train on these hypnotherapy courses in London also go to the Royal Society of Medicine for continued professional development. For more information, go to the BSCAH website at http://www.bscah.com .