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Hypnotherapy in Central London Where can I go for hypnotherapy in Central London?

Where can I go for hypnotherapy in Central London?

There are a huge number of therapists who offer hypnotherapy in Central London, but how do I find one that is suitably qualified and that will help me with my needs? The first important thing that one must do is to make sure that the therapist is qualified. Therapists should have been trained by a reputable organization in hypnotherapy and another therapy. Hypnotherapists should be recognized by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis, the Society of Brief Strategic Hypnotherapists, The British Society of Hypnotherapy or another reputable organisation. Recognized practitioners will almost always put the logo of their professional body on their headed note paper or at the bottom of the home page on their website.

How many practitioners practise hypnotherapy in Central London and what type of therapist do I choose?

There are many therapists who use hypnotherapy in London. One has to decide what type of therapy one wants in the first place. Does one want to go to a practitioner who works with CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), to a psychotherapist or to a psychiatrist? This can be a little confusing at first. Some clients say at the outset that they don’t know who they want to see; they just want to get better. Cognitive behavioural therapists focus the clients’ attention on how they think about themselves and their friends, and how their thoughts affect their feelings and behaviour. Unlike other therapies, it focuses on the here and now rather than on the past. Very simply, a psychiatrist uses medication to control psychological problems and (s)he will combine this will some form of support. A psychotherapist listens a great deal to the client and provides support. In a psychotherapy session, the client has the opportunity to explore anything that (s)he wants to talk about-past, present or future; real of imaginary.

David Kraft, of 10 Harley Street, believes strongly that psychotherapy gives individuals the opportunity to explore their inner conflicts and to resolve them in a structured and safe environment. It is through the careful examination of these conflicts, desires, powerful emotions and fantasies that one is able to relieve psychological problems and to feel much better. Some practitioners who use hypnotherapy in central London do not give the client the opportunity to talk about their problems during the session. David Kraft feels strongly that, when a client comes for therapy, the individual should be given 50 minutes to explore whatever (s)he feels appropriate and whatever is important at that time. The client is never interrupted, and (s)he leads the session. David Kraft often combines psychotherapy with hypnotherapy; hypnosis, therefore, becomes a catalyst for change-that is to say, the hypnosis accelerates the change that occurs in the psychotherapy; it also heightens and increases the power of the work done in the consulting room. David Kraft is one of the few practitioners in Central London that uses hypnotherapy as an adjunct to his psychotherapy work.