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Hypnotherapy in London – Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist

Where do I go if I want hypnotherapy in East London?

There are many therapists who use hypnotherapy in East London, but the most important thing to do is to make sure you are going to a trained therapist recognized by a professional body. Most therapists will have a logo clearly printed on their website. Follow the link of this logo to make sure the therapist is from a recognized professional body. Trained hypnotherapists must have untaken an extensive course and should be able to deal with a number of psychological conditions.

There are a number of websites who advertise hypnotherapy in East London-for example, Simon Clarke at East London Hypnosis www.elondonhypnosis.com , and the Hypnosis Clinic www.thehypnosisclinic.co.uk . Dr Jim Rutherford operates his practice at the Joseph Clinic which is in South Woodford. He offers all sorts of programmes-a 90 minutes stop smoking sessions, for example-and he will be able to help you with your enquiry.

Alternatively, if you can travel to central London you will have a greater number of clinicians from whom to choose; in Harley Street, there are a number of highly qualified psychotherapists who use hypnosis to accelerate progress and strengthen results. David Kraft is the director of London Hypnotherapy UK www.londonhypnotherapyuk.com and also of London Psychotherapy www.londonpsychotherapy.co.uk . If you ring his offices at 10 Harley Street (020 7467 8564), his secretary will take a message and give it straight to David Kraft, who will ring you as soon as possible.

If I am looking to have hypnotherapy in East London, but decide to go to central London, how do I get there?

My advice would be to go to Transport for London website www.tfl.gov.uk and this will help you to plan your journey.
From East London there are many connecting train stations that you can go to in the centre of town: Kings’ Cross, Charing Cross, London Euston, Fenchurch Street, Liverpool Street, St Pancras, Victoria and Waterloo.