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Hypnotherapy in North London

Where do I go if I want to have hypnotherapy in North London?

There are many therapists of all kinds who use hypnotherapy in North London. It is essential, however, that you make sure that you are going to a trained professional who is recognized by a professional body. Therapists should clearly display the logo of their professional body on their website and on their headed note paper. You would be advised to follow the link of this logo to make sure the therapist is from a national recognized hypnotherapy society. Trained hypnotherapists must have taken a thorough course over a period of time and should be able to treat a number of psychological conditions.

If you can travel to the centre of London you will have a larger number of therapists to choose from; in Harley Street, there are many experienced and highly qualified psychotherapists who use hypnosis to enhance what they do in the consulting room. David Kraft is the managing director of London Hypnotherapy UK www.londonhypnotherapyuk.com and also of London Psychotherapy www.londonpsychotherapy.co.uk . For an appointment, ring London Hypnotherapy UK, at 10 Harley Street (020 7467 8564); here, there are a number of trained secretaries who will be able to help you with your enquiry. They will also be able to take a message and give it straight to David Kraft, who will ring you as soon as possible.

If I want to have hypnotherapy in North London, but decide to go to central London, how do I get there? (This is helpful for foreign clients).

The Transport for London website www.tfl.gov.uk is an excellent resource for finding your way around London and to help you plan your journey. From North London there are a huge number of connecting underground stations. The nearest train station to Harley Street is Oxford Circus which is on the Victoria Line and on the Bakerloo Line. In addition, there are a number of buses to Oxford Circus. For more information about how to get to Harley Street, see the directions page at www.londonhypnotherapyuk.com/map.asp


Enfield Therapy


I need psychological help in Enfield. Where can I go?

Harley Street-based clinic, London Psychotherapy, set up a separate consulting room in Enfield Town last August. The reason for doing this was that there were a number of individuals who required top-quality psychological support who simply couldn’t afford Harley Street prices. For example, a typical session in Harley Street costs £160 for 50 minutes. Therapy sessions in Enfield, however, are much cheaper: the basic price is £90, but, if you are unemployed, retired or short of cash, you can get a session for £70 or £80. The quality is the same: you will still be treated by a top-quality Harley Street specialist.


Are there any waiting lists and can I get hold of a therapist easily in North London?

If you are living in Enfield, or anywhere in North London, a good option is to go to see David Kraft at his North London practice. You can contact him directly; and, even if he is not available, you can leave a message with his secretaries in Harley Street. The Harley Street office is on 0207 467 8564. You can also call him on his mobile which is 07946 579645. NO WAITING LISTS. NO CALL CENTRES. JUST EASILY ACCESSIBLE PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT.


Do I need a referral letter from my GP to get a therapy appointment?

No. In the past, one had to be referred from the GP; nowadays, one can book an appointment directly with the psychotherapist.


Where is the consulting room?

Bush Hill Park. In fact, Cosmopolitan Court is just off the A10. The nearest stations are Bush Hill Park and Southbury.


The address is: 70 Cosmopolitan Court, 67 Main Avenue, ENFIELD, Middx, EN1 1GD.