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London Hypnotherapy and Smoking

London Hypnotherapy UK and Smoking. What is David Kraft’s approach to smoking cessation and how long is the process?

At London Hypnotherapy UK, David Kraft uses covert sensitization to help people to stop smoking. Covert Sensitization is often called aversion therapy. Aversion therapy involves giving an unpleasant stimulus to the patient; the patient then associates the unwanted behaviour with this unpleasant stimulus. In the hypnotherapy, the patient is asked to imagine something disgusting-for instance vomit-and told that, whenever (s)he wants a cigarette, before the cigarette enters the mouth, the person will think of this nauseous stimulus.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool and the approach is very quick indeed. It is important that the individual has a lot of motivation to give up smoking as this helps with the whole process. Covert sensitization is very powerful indeed. David Kraft has used this for some time. Some patients give up their unwanted behaviour-smoking, drinking, nail biting, cannabis smoking, the eating of copious amounts of chocolate etc.-in one session, while others need a few more sessions. The programme is one of complete abstinence. If someone comes for treatment for an addiction, often they are worried about this and they want to stop at all costs; thus, they have to tell themselves that they must never smoke (or whatever their addiction is) again. However, some people are able to give up excessive drinking, say, whiskey, but are able to continue drinking other alcoholic drinks in moderation.

London Hypnotherapy UK and Smoking Cessation

London Hypnotherapy UK committed to helping people give up smoking. The benefits to giving up smoking are immense. After eight hours the nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood reduce almost by 50%. This process continues over the next few days. After 24 hours the carbon monoxide is out of the body and, after approximately 48 hours, there is no nicotine left in the body. In addition, the mucous and other smoking impurities immediately begin to clear. After 72 hours, breathing begins to improve, taste and smell is greatly improved and the bronchial tubes begin to relax, making it, again, easier to breathe. After a couple of weeks circulation improves dramatically, and, as lung functions improve, any wheezing or coughing is often reduced significantly.

If you would like to give up smoking, give London Hypnotherapy UK a ring today. The phone number is 020 7467 8564.