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Smoking Hypnotherapy London

London Hypnotherapy UK and Smoking. How does hypnotherapy work for a smoker and how long will it take?

London Hypnotherapy UK is committed to helping people giving up smoking. Kraft uses the technique of covert sensitization; this is a powerful tool and helps people to stop smoking in a short space of time. Covert Sensitization is often called aversion therapy. Aversion therapy originally referred to the use of electrical and chemical stimuli: these unpleasant sensations had the effect of stopping people continuing their maladaptive behaviour-for example, smoking, taking drugs, drinking alcohol or partaking in exhibitionistic behaviour. In covert sensitization, inidividuals experience these unpleasant sensations in the imagination. When using covert sensitization, the therapist presents the client with an unpleasant stimulus in the imagination; the client associates the unwanted behaviour with this unpleasant stimulus. During the hypnosis session, the therapist describes a scene where the client is made to feel disgusted and sick-for instance (s)he might be asked to imagine vomit-and (s)he is told that, whenever (s)he wants a cigarette, or a drink or a piece of chocolate, that (s)he will feel the same way before the cigarette, drink or piece of chocolate enters the mouth.

Hypnosis is very helpful here, and the process is very quick indeed. However, it is most important that the client has the motivation to stop his or her unwanted behaviour. David Kraft has used this approach for some time. Some clients are able to stop their unwanted behaviour in one session, but most need three or four session to do this. In addition, there are some people that can have the odd glass of wine or piece of chocolate but, for the most part-especially for smokers-the programme is one of complete abstinence. If someone has an addiction, they must never start again. They must not have one drink again, nor one cigarette, nor one cannabis hit. However, some people are able to give up drinking, say, whiskey, but are able to continue drinking other alcoholic drinks in moderation.

London Hypnotherapy UK and Smoking Cessation

London Hypnotherapy UK is committed to helping people give up smoking. The benefits to giving up smoking are huge. If you would like to give up smoking, give London Hypnotherapy UK a ring today. The phone number is 020 7467 8564.

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