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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy London

Weight Loss and London Hypnotherapy UK. If I go to London Hypnotherapy UK, can they help me to take off weight?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is extremely helpful for people wanting to take off weight. Obesity is a huge problem in the western world. Often, people eat too much because of an emotional force-they ‘comfort eat’, they eat for relaxation or because they are bored, or they eat for a reward. Some people take in excess food in an uncontrolled way; they feel that they are outside themselves or that they are not in control of their bodies. This is a dissociative mechanism and is often referred to as ‘binge eating’. Many people suffering from binge eating disorder or obesity want to take off weight and they find that hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool. London Hypnotherapy UK is committed to helping people taking off weight.

How can London Hypnotherapy UK help me take off weight?

At the beginning of the session both the therapist, David Kraft, and the client will discuss diet and make some changes to the daily intake. Here, it is important not to make radical changes-this will not help weight loss in the long run. What is important is that fatty foods should be eliminated from the diet and that clients should keep to a certain number of calories per day. David Kraft and the client will make realistic goals that the client can meet. In addition, he will suggest a modest increase in cardiovascular activity to help with the process of weight loss.

During the hypnotherapy, you will be told about all the benefits to your health and how much better you will feel having taken off the necessary weight. David Kraft will also talk about how important it is to slow eating down and to enjoy the food you are eating. David Kraft will also use paradoxical sentence constructions and embedded commands to help you to control your diet; this will be combined with powerful ‘anchoring’ techniques.

If you are interested in weight loss, please phone London Hypnotherapy UK today. The phone number is 020 7467 8564.