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Acute stress disorder is a condition in which a person has experienced one or more traumatic events. This condition may be a result of someone being involved in an incident first hand; however, some individuals may develop a severe stress response having witnessed a traumatic situation. Events include the threat of death or serious injury, physical and/or sexual violence. A large proportion of people—between 10%-20%—involved in or witnessing a car accident develop this condition. Other examples of events which may lead to this disorder include mass shootings, violent gang attacks, sexual assault and prolonged periods of being on constant alert in the forces. This categorisation of stress disorder was devised in order to help psychologists’ understanding of who might develop post traumatic stress disorder. In my opinion, the best form of treatment for this problem is a combination of solution-focussed psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy. Acute stress disorder should only be treated by registered psychotherapists who have had additional training in the treatment of trauma.


About David Kraft

David Kraft is a specialist psychotherapist with two clinics—one in Enfield and the other in Harley Street. He also offers home visits. He has spent many years successfully treating both acute stress disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, he offers reduced rates to the military and ex-military. David is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of council for the Section of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine. He is also a member of council for BSCAH and trains health professional to use hypnosis in clinical practice.


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