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Author: David Kraft PhD


An adjustment disorder is a rather helpful term to describe problems that one can occur after a stressful event or series of problematic events in life. Sometimes, when people have experienced a period of time in which they have been overwhelmed with anxiety, they find it difficult to adjust. Examples include losing a member of the family, changing school or job, having a serious illness, suffering from abuse or being pushed to the limit at work. And there are many more triggers that can cause problems for people. Most people, after the stressful situation are able to adjust to these new changes. However, when this causes a problem, and people are unable to move on, extra support is required. Adjustment disorders can have a serious effect on the way that one feels, thinks and behaves: they can also affect the way that one interacts with other people. Below is a list of some of the problems which individuals experience after a stressful situation or troublesome period of time in your life. These conditions are referred to as adjustment disorders.

**Losing appetite**Insomnia**Feeling anxious, nervous, shaky, stressed**Crying frequently** Feeling hopeless**Giving up pastimes that you used to enjoy**Spending longer periods of time on your own**Over sleeping**Feeling irritable**Loss of concentration**Feeling overwhelmed**Lack of ability to complete daily tasks**Getting angry very quickly

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Occasionally, some of the above complications can occur during a series of stressful situations; however, usually, they begin to take hold two or three months after the event or events. If, after three months you are still experiencing adjustment issues, if would be worth speaking to a counsellor or a psychotherapist. Getting unconditional support from an experienced counsellor can be incredibly empowering in a short period of time.


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David Kraft is an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor. He has been working in private practice for many years and he has helped a huge number of people with a range of psychological problems. David has two clinics – one in Harley Street and the other in Enfield Town. He offers significantly reduced prices at the Enfield clinic.


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