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Thunderstorm Phobia


‘Astraphobia’ is the technical name for thunderstorm phobia. This condition is an environmental phobia which is characterized by an overwhelming and irrational fear of thunder and/or lightening (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Thunderstorm phobia is usually associated with a hyper-sensitivity to loud noises, and the sounds of the thunder are often symbolic in nature. Often, this condition is highly responsive hypnotherapy – specifically, systematic desensitization. The most efficient approach to treating this condition is to imagine a series of potentially anxiety-provoking situations starting from the easiest and working towards more difficult scenarios. The sounds of thunder can also be simulated using tape recordings; and, the lightening can be emulated somewhat using Xenon-filled flash tubes (Heap, 1981). Otherwise, by using a combination of content and process suggestions, the psychotherapist can create a great deal of verisimilitude (Kraft & Kraft, 2004).


David Kraft (PhD)



Key words: phobia, systematic desensitization, thunderstorm phobia (Astraphobia)

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