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Teaching has always been a very tiring and stressful occupation. As parents know, negotiating with your children can be exhausting, but trying it with a class of thirty students, all at once, is often all-consuming. To add to this, teachers have packed schedules, a great deal of marking, performance management, monitoring and reports, and a list of other administrative jobs to do on top of the regular teaching work. And then, there are after school clubs and further responsibilities. There are also parents to deal with and this can be troublesome and can add to stress levels. Some teachers experience burn out and, in these instances, it is helpful to go to see a specialist to help you to move forward. But there are all sorts of other problems that some teachers face and these include: relationship problems, sleep disturbance, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and stress, depression, loss of confidence, panic attacks, feelings of being out of control, loss of concentration, apathy and performance anxiety. This list goes on…

If you are experiencing difficulty, either at work or at home, and would like to see a specialist counsellor, you can call Enfield Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy. An ex-teacher himself, David Kraft is a specialist in helping teachers with their lives. He has helped a huge range of staff both in the primary and secondary sectors. He has also worked with university lecturers. The approach that he takes is solution-focussed—that is to say, he likes to help his clients achieve results in the shortest time possible. However, all people are different. Some individuals like to book a block of 6 sessions, while others stay in therapy for a longer period of time. In addition, most people come for weekly appointments, but there are a few people who come once a fortnight.

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*****Reduced rates for teachers*****


Appointments are fifty minutes. Sessions in Enfield are £100. However, David offers reduced rates to teachers. In order to get this reduced rate, please quote the following code: AROSA-TEACHERS-80. The reduced rate is £80 per session. There are further reductions for those who make block bookings.


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