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Home Visits

Domiciliary Appointments (Home Visits)

David Kraft offers home visits in the London area. If you are unable to get to the clinic, for whatever reason, you may consider booking a domiciliary appointment. David Kraft gives priority to people who are not mobile and the appointments are subject to availability.


How do I book a domiciliary appointment?

All you need to do is to ring London Psychotherapy on 0207 467 8564 and we will arrange an session for you. An alternative number is the work mobile which is 07946 579645.


London Psychotherapy is the specialist partner of London Hypnotherapy UK.


What are the prices?

Domiciliary visits are more expensive.

Sessions in North London: £220 for 50 minutes

Sessions in South London: £250 for 50 minutes


Do I need to prepare for a domiciliary visit?

It is important to make sure, as far as possible, that you allocate a quiet area for the psychotherapy to take place. Please make sure that the room has two reasonably-sized chairs. Sessions are normally 50 minutes, although double sessions (100 minutes) and ‘time-and-a-half sessions’ (75 minutes) are also available.


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