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About Gambling

Gambling Addiction, particularly in this day and age, is a very serious problem in the western world. A huge proportion of the population watches sports on Sky television, and the number of adverts on betting has significantly increased over the last ten years. In addition, wages, for many, have plateaued, and the cost of living, certainly in the UK, has become very expensive for the average person. In addition, we are constantly getting messages from the media about celebrities who are spending vast amounts of money in their social lives. As a result, people are trying to earn money quickly in their spare time, and one possible solution to this problem is betting. Some people gamble on line, and others prefer to go to a betting shop. There are, of course, some people who are good at hedging their bets; however, most people will lose at least 30% of the time. In fact, the odds are always stacked against you.


There is a small group of people, however, who become addicted to gambling, and these people either need to stop—if they can—or seek psychological help. A gambling addict can have a bad effect on the whole of the family. For example, some gambling addicts lose their entire weekly wage in one day. And, as a result, sometimes, they then turn to borrowing money for the rest of the week. Some take out loans, while others borrow money from friends and family and spend this in the betting shop, too. Gamblers are always chasing the next big win. In fact, they are always chasing money. They often forget their losses and give others advice about how to bet—either on line, in a casino or in a betting shop. Once gamblers get members of their family involved it becomes a vicious cycle; and, in these instances, it is important to see a specialist.



David Kraft is a very skilled psychotherapist who has successfully treated a huge range of gamblers over the years. The approach that he takes is multi-modal. He uses hypnotherapy—specifically, aversion therapy—in order to help people to stop gambling. During this process, he will pair gambling with something that the client does not like. As a result, every time the client feels like gambling, he or she is confronted with this aversive stimulus. Alongside this aversion, David will provide his clients with a huge amount of ego strengthening and help them to visualise their desired future as a non-gambler. As the treatment progresses, David will take a counselling approach and encourage each individual to remain a non-gambler. It is essential in this process to have the support from loved ones. This process is a complete abstinence programme. The idea here is that the client does not ever return to gambling again.


David has a clinic in Enfield. For an appointment, simply ring one of the numbers below. The clinic is just off the A10, opposite the Travel Lodge.


Appointments: 0207 467 8564/07946 579645


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