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London Psychotherapy and London Hypnotherapy UK offer home visits in and around London. The areas that David Kraft covers are: North London, Central London, South London, West London, East London, Cheshunt, and various areas in South Hertfordshire. If you are unable to get to the clinic, either the one in Harley Street or in Enfield, please consider a home visit. These domiciliary appointments are very helpful for those who are disabled and for those who find it difficult to travel.


How do I book a home visit?

Please ring my secretary on 0207 467 8564. She will be able to assist you further and book an appointment for you. Alternatively, you can ring the work mobile which is 07946 579645.


What is the cost?

These home visits require the therapist to travel to you and are, thus, more expensive.


Here are the prices:

Sessions in North London: £220 for 50 minutes

Sessions in South London: £250 for 50 minutes

Sessions in East and West London: £250 for 50 minutes

Sessions in Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Potters Bar, Waltham Abbey: £240 for 50 minutes


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How do I prepare for a home visit?

Please find a quiet space for therapy and provide two comfortable seats. Sessions are normally 50 minutes, although double sessions (100 minutes) and ‘time-and-a-half sessions’ (75 minutes) are also available. David uses a combination of psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling; he also uses hypnosis in some instances to accelerate the progress of the work done in the session.


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