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Needle Phobia B

Needle Phobia is a very common condition which affects a huge number of people in the population. Often individuals who fear needles will go at lengths to avoid inoculations, blood tests and anything involving syringes. Some patients fear the sight of the needle, while others need to look at it in order to gain some mastery or control of the medical procedure. Phobics often fear the touch of the needle as it pierces the skin, although these feelings are often exaggerated by the patient. See also Injection Phobia.


Needle phobia is treated by systematic desensitization, a technique which is done in hypnotherapy. This technique works on the assumption that, by pairing the feared stimulus with relaxation, gradually the patient becomes more comfortable and anxiety free with regard to needles. In the hypnotherapy, the patient and psychotherapist work together formulating a graded hierarchy of situations involving needles – starting with a relatively easy situation and working towards more difficult ones. All people vary, but David tends to plan a 6-week programme which, more of often than not, produces excellent results.


David Kraft

Accredited Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist


Key words: needle phobia, systematic desensitization, phobia, hypnotherapy 


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