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Enfield Psychological Services

I have been going to Mental Health Awareness Day events in Barnet and Enfield for several years. At each event, I ask the various organizers where to go to get good quality psychological help. No one knows. They provide me with various booklets giving advice but all the organizations are led by lay people–normally, volunteers. And, when I mention that I am a psychotherapist, they become passively aggressive towards me.
I set up practice in Harley Street in 2008 and have been running a successful clinic there for many years. However, I found that there were many people in the local area who needed treatment were being palmed off by their GPs. Many were in desperate need of psychological support (psychotherapy, counselling or behaviour therapy) but were simply put off by the system. So, I set up a clinic in the local area, and this I called ‘Enfield Therapy’. It is a specialist partner of my main practices–namely, London Psychotherapy and London Hypnotherapy UK. It is a very successful practice and people come from all over the North London area–Cheshunt, Enfield, Barnet, Southgate, Tottenham, Winchmore Hill, Goff’s Oak, Bush Hill Park–for treatment.
Details about the clinic are as follows:
Enfield Therapy
This service offers one-to-one psychological treatment for adolescents and adults. Services include: behaviour therapy, psychotherapy, hypnosis and telephone counselling. The clinic is open seven days a week.
Contact Details: 0207 467 8564/07946 579645
E-Mail: office@londonpsychotherapy.co.uk
Address: 70 Cosmopolitan Court, 67 Main Avenue, Enfield, EN1 1GD.