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Where can I get Hypnotherapy in Enfield?

Dear Dr David Kraft

I am looking for a hypnotherapist in Enfield who can help me with my fear of rats. I can’t go to a hotel without checking thoroughly for rats in the bedroom. I have rat phobia. I hate rats more that the man in 1984, Room 101. Last time I went away, after I had finished checking for rats. I had three rats traps put near my bed and poison put down. I did this to make absolute sure that I won’t come in contact with a rat. As you can see, it is really affecting my quality of life. SOmetimes I imagine rats coming into my room and waking me up. This is the worst fear of all. Being woken up by a nibbling rat. Ahhhh. Thanks


Dear ****

You can contact #Enfield #Psychotherapy and #Hypnotherapy by going to the website or by phoning me on 07946 579645. Sessions in #Enfield are £100 for 50 minutes, although I do offer reduced rate between £80 and £95. Here is the website:-


Many thanks

David Kraft



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