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How can I get Psychological help in Enfield?


Dear Dr Kraft

I have been trying to get psychological help for nearly a year now. My GP has applied for help but I just get a few sessions of CBT which isn’t right for me. I need time to talk through my problems and I just get nothing. Can you help me, please? I am desperate and can’t sleep. I think about my life and my depression all the time and I am getting darker and worse.




Dear Jen


By all means ring me on 07946 579645, and I will book you in for a session.


All the best


David Kraft PhD



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Corporate Psychological Coaching at 10 Harley Street for Businesses

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Psychologist, David Kraft, has had a history of working alongside managers in corporations, helping them to achieve their potential in the work setting. Sometimes, individuals seek help in order to move them forward in their careers: usually, there is a sticking point in their work or home life, and it is important to analyse this in order to effect change. On other occasions, David has worked in small teams – both in senior and middle management. He will typically use a combination of behaviour therapy and analysis. This combined approach helps people to achieve their potential. Sometimes, he will use techniques associated with NLP; however, it is important to note that these techniques often have their grounding in behaviour therapy. David Kraft, like his father, is a pioneer for behaviour therapy and uses it to help many clients and patients.


David Kraft

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