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Extremism in Enfield – Tackling individual diferences and Cultural Diversity

Sadiq Khan has recently put £800,000 in order to tackle extremism in the City of London. Community groups who focus their attention on violent extremism will be helped; this will enable groups in communities to deal with hate crime and extremist behaviour. In the recent copy of the Enfield Independent, reporters stated that hate crime had risen by a third in the past four years. Homophobic attacks and anti-Semitic violence has also risen significantly over the last decade. Local organisation can bid for up to £50,000 through the Mayor’s initiative. The money will go towards investigating and, hopefully, stopping these crimes.

Funders: City Hall and Google HQ

Enfield is a culturally diverse town. People need to feel secure in the place in which they live: they need to feel accepted and safe. Without this fundamental issue in place, people often suffer from low-esteem, anxiety, depression and anger and this can develop into a range of concomitant psychological problems. Some people are able to deal with these issues by talking to a friend; but, for others, these problems become insurmountable. If you require more assistance with a psychological issue, it is sometimes helpful to see a professional psychotherapist. More Information.


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