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The treatment of anxiety using behaviour therapy and hypnosis – David Kraft PhD

The importance of Doing Self Hypnosis Between Sessions

Psychotherapist, David Kraft, as far as is possible, offers a solution-focussed approach to therapy. The idea behind this is that both the therapist and client work together in order to effect therapeutic change in the shortest time possible. In order to make this work, it is important to combine behaviour therapy techniques with a psychodynamic investigation, a combined approach which, if done efficiently, helps clients to achieve long-lasting treatment gains. However, there is often a limited amount of time in the psychotherapy sessions and, in order to build on existing psychological and behavioural changes, it is important to continue the work outside the consulting room. In many cases, David will ask individuals to do some self hypnosis work during the week. This work helps clients to build on their new skills, and change existing maladaptive behaviour patterns.


*****Self Hypnosis*****
Here is a useful video clip which provides clients with information on doing self hypnosis work between sessions.
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