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Where can I get proper hypnosis training in London?

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Dear David Kraft


I would like to train in hypnosis. I am a dentist but there are so many hypnosis organisations on the internet and I am completely lost. Can you help? I want a proper organisation not a lay one. It needs to be professional and run by the NHS.




Dear Jeff

The only organisation who only trains health professionals is the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (which uses to be BSMDH). I feel that the NHS has other agendas to deal with and his requires a conversation.

BSCAH Hypnosis Courses London

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We are health professionals and we only rain health professionals.


David Kraft

BSCAH Mets and South

Can I re-learn how to sleep? Can hypnosis help for my insomnia?


Dear David Kraft

I have been suffering from insomnia on and off for about three years now. I can’t stand it. I have a really stressful job and worry about all sorts of things the next day. And then I know that I need to get to sleep. It is driving me mad. Can hypnotherapy help? I know that you treat people in Enfield and that it is cheaper. But I want to see you in Harley Street on a Tuesday. The following week, and it works in two-week cycles,  work in North London and would like to see you in Enfield. Which days do you work in Enfield? Can you help me with hypnotherapy because I don’t just want to talk about it. I need skills. Thanks




Dear Lydia

I work in Harley Street on both days that you mentioned; the same goes for Enfield, but it varies from week to week. I am sure that I will be able to fit you in. I use a combination of behavioural therapy and hypnosis to help you develop coping strategies and other techniques to get off to sleep. I am happy to see you at either venue. Please feel free to ring my secretary to book an appointment. The number is 0207 467 8564.


David Kraft

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I want psychotherapy or CBT in Highgate. Can you help?

Dear Sir


I am really struggling and I live in Highgate. Can you help. I don’t know what I need–is it CBT or something, and I want to have help with my getting out of the house. I think I might have some sort of selective agoraphobia. I can’t see you in Harley Street because of the tall buildings and I think that I am going crazy.



Dear K


I can see you in Enfield. I set the Enfield practice up in a block of flats. It is a quiet clinic and much cheaper and closer than Harley Street. I look forward to hearing from you. You have my email address which is office@londonpsychotherapy.co.uk

If you need any further assistance, please ring me.


David Kraft



Fear of hypnotherapy



Dear Dr David Kraft

I recently went to a chiropractor who used hypnosis to make me feel out of control. He said that I would get memory loss and that I would under his powers forever. Can you help to get rid of these thoughts? Is it possible for him to do this? He is not a registered hypnotherapist. I know that you are a psychotherapist. Can you help me. I live in Cheshunt which is near to in Enfield Town. It’s about 30 minutes away. Are you related to Dr Thomas Kraft.


Dear Madam

Please book a session with me as soon as you would like, and we will get rid of these negative suggestions. You are not under his powers, and I can put you in the right direction for you so that you are in control again. Once you feel better about yourself, we really need to report this person. But we will only do so if you feel comfortable about doing it. I look forward to your call.

The Tom Kraft was my father. He worked at 80 Harley Street as well as a number of hospitals – including Barts, the Claybury and others. I am at No 10 Harley Street.


My phone number is 07946 579645.


David Kraft





Psychotherapy in Southgate


Dear David Kraft

I would like some help wit my anxiety. I live in Southgate. I have looked on your website and know how to book a session. I just wanted to ask whether you treat needle phobia. Do you. I have to have some blood tests next month.

From a worried female patient

Dear Madam

I have had a great deal of success treating needle phobia. Please follow the steps on my website or ring me.


All the very best


Where can I get proper hypnotherapy training in London?

Dear David


Where can I get proper hypnotherapy training by a reputable organization. I live in London? Both my husband and I want to train but we don’t want to go to a lay organisation. I am a nurse and my husband in a GP, although he was a consultant gastroenterologist a few years back.


Reply by David Kraft, 11.06.17

Dear J

The best place to train is BSCAH. They are all health professionals and we only train health professionals.

In order to train, please go to the Mets and South Branch and write to me at dmjkraftesq@yahoo.co.uk




David Kraft

Where can I go to see a proper bona fide, qualified hypnotherapist or psychotherapist?

David Kraft Harley Street

Dear Sir

Where can I find a decent, bona fide hypnotherapist? I need someone who is a qualified hypnotherapist. Does he or she need to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist? I don’t know. I wen to see someone recently, who damaged me and I need to iron out all the things that he did to me in hypnosis. Aggh. Please help.

Google User.

Reply by Dr David Kraft, 11.6.2017

Dear Madam

The most important thing for you to do is to find a registered health professional–someone who wold treat you with or without hypnosis. It is important for you to find a doctor, dentist, chartered psychologist (clinical psychologist or counselling psychologist) or an accredited counsellor or psychotherapist.

I wish you all the best in finding someone suitable.

David Kraft, PhD