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Using hypnotherapy in gynaecology

Over the years, I have treated a range of gynaecological problems using a range of behavioural techniques. There are a huge number of people wo challenge me on this. Some say that I have no right to treat anatomical problems using hypnosis. My answer to this is as follows. Normally, when I am referred a patient, she comes from a hospital and there always seems to be a psychological element to her symptoms. In fact, the more you worry about something the worse it becomes. Indeed, the field of psychoneuroimmunology is concerned with how the mind can effect change in the body right down to the cellular level. The most common complaints that I get are vaginismus and dyspareunia. Indeed, I have had a great deal of success with both problems.



A short video on vaginismus can be found here.

I have also written a paper on psychosexual disorders. This can be downloaded for free here.


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