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Counselling for Relationship Problems in Enfield

Counselling for Relationships

In 2008, psychotherapist and counsellor, David Kraft, set up a psychotherapy/counselling programme for couples having relationship or marriage problems. This practice was originally in Harley Street, although there is now a clinic in Enfield. In the first instance, David saw couples together, but he soon realised that it was better to work one-to-one. Since about 2009, David has been seeing a number of people to help them with their relationship issues. Sometimes, individuals need to work through problems in the family context in order to deal with them in real life. Problems include power struggles, guilt, trust issues, falling in and out of love, time management, and generally getting along with each other. In some instances, individuals want to terminate a relationship and need to work with a counsellor to deal with this transition. Other clients need to take more of a lead role in a relationship; and, in other instances, some individuals need to think about compromising.


In the counselling sessions, individuals have an allotted time (50 minutes) in order to deal with and work through conflicts and psychological disturbances. And, actually, individuals do very nicely this using treatment approach and it helps to them move on in their lives either in the existing relationship or moving towards the possibility of changing partners.


If you would like a session, either in Enfield or in Harley Street, please call David Kraft on (07946) 579645. The Enfield practice is just off the Great Cambridge Road, opposite the Travel Lodge.


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