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David Kraft: Therapist to the Celebrities

For a number of years now, David Kraft has been working alongside various celebrities in show business. In fact, he has worked with a number of film actors and actresses, singers, television personalities and presenters, musicians and people in sports. It is important to note that, in all cases, clients have complete anonymity, and under no circumstances, will David disclose any information about his work to a third party.



Working with celebrities in clinical practice is a skill. As a psychotherapist or counsellor, it is important to understand the minutiae of show business, and it often a particularly stressful lifestyle. Many celebrities are constantly in the public eye; the media are taking photos and following them wherever they go. And they are constantly be watched and judged. This is where psychotherapy comes in. David has a non-judgemental approach to therapy, and individuals are able to take their time to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Some individuals require sessions for a short period of time in order to deal with a difficult situation or anxiety; whereas others prefer to have psychotherapy over a longer period of time. Short-term therapy tends to be between 4-8 sessions. Long-term therapy can last between 6 months and two years. There are other instances when clients come for a longer periods of time but this is rare.


David also has a flexible approach to psychotherapy. For example, he offers weekly sessions to most of his clients; however, with some busy celebrities this is simply impossible. With David, clients have the flexibility to have sessions whenever it is appropriate, and there is no strict week-by-week regime. And, indeed, some celebrities, particularly those who are frequently outside the country, book telephone sessions for their convenience. He also offers home visits.

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