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Gurkha seeking psychological treatment for PTSD and Panic Disorder


Dear Dr David Kraft

I am a Gurkha. I am a member of the 4th Prince of Wales’ Own Gurkhas and I would like to seek treatment for panic disorder. I have fought all over the place. Military is my life. I am in long family of military. All my male family fought in the military. Fought in the gulf, in Afghanistan, in the Falklands, in World War 2, Korea, World War 1, Boer War. They all suffered and they were brave. They were brave fighters and proud. They fought for their country and they did us all proud. Noone complained of the horrors for war and always being on look out.¬†They all had problems getting back into society; becoming integrated; walking around with no rank. They all had problems and did not speak. I am now speaking. I want to get my life back. I don’t want to suffer. I have panic attacks everywhere. And I have PTSD. I have it in the supermarket, and everywhere I go. I suffer from PTSD. Yes. I have said it. Please help a veteran. I understand that you have helped other veterans in the service from my friends who have seen specialists at hospital. You know, the MoD hospitals, or, as they now call them, ‘Ministry of Defence Hosptial Units’ which are embedded within civilian hospitals. I have seen a psychotherapist, psychologist, a CBT practitioner and it wasn’t tailored to my psychological needs. I have been to them all. I have been to Frimley Park, and, by the way, the VRMHP is rubbish.

I would like to see someone who is dedicated to helping me. I would like a psychotherapist or a psychologist but someone who listens to me and my needs.





Dear K

Thank you for contacting me. You have my contact details. I look forward to meting you in person. I can see you for psychotherapy and/or counselling in Harley Street or in Enfield Town. Please contact me by e-mail so that we can speak in confidence.


Many thanks


David Kraft

Accredited Psychotherapist

London Psychotherapy

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