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Myrmecophobia. I have a fear of ants. Can hypnotherapy help?


Dear Dr David Kraft

I am suffering from Myrmecophobia which is an intense fear of ants. Have you heard of it. I avoid them wherever I go. Can you help using hypnotherapy? It is a terrible phobia!!! I developed it on a fishing trip. I have a military background and I can’t tell anyone about it. But sometimes it affects my work and I have to make excuses. On the fishing trip, I came across hundreds of ants nearby. And all of them when over me when I was sleeping. I think that I swallowed several ants. And everybody laughed at me. It was disgraceful. Now I will do anything to get away from them. I even check my socks and shoes in the field. Military person. I have become a wimp when it comes to ants. I am an amazingly efficient soldier when it counts but this might even affect a promotion. I have worked up the ranks and I am now a Sergeant Major. Who has heard of that since the war. It rarely happens. I am so scared.

Dear Sir

Please contact me on email so that we can discuss this in confidence. My email address is Harley Street is dmjkraftesq@yahoo.co.uk and I use the same email for my Enfield practice.


David Kraft

UKCP Psychotherpist

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