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Need psychological help for phobia in Enfield

9th of December 2016

Enfield Town

Dear Dr David Kraft

I need some help. I have been suffering from driving phobia for many years. It centres around driving on dual carriageways and on the motorways. I read on your website that you use an approach called systematic desensitization. Would I be a suitable person to try that technique. I also understand that you use hypnotherapy. Wow. I need some of that. I would like to come and see you at your Enfield Clinic. I also want to see someone who is a qualified psychotherapist. I live in Finchley and, although it is a bit if a treck in the rush hour, which seems to be most of the afternoon nowadays, I can get to you in about 30 minutes. I also have a couple of friends in Enfield who I could go and visit afterwards or beforehand. I think that it would be best to see you in Enfield because Harley Street is too expensive for me. I do work in town, near the West End, but it is too much money for me to spend on therapy. I noticed that I have been suffering from driving phobia for about three years but that it got worse last summer when I had a panic attack on the side of the road. Please help. Let’s book a session in Enfield for next week.

Dear *****

I can certainly see you next week. Please ring 0207 467 8564 for psychotherapy appointment in Enfield.

David Kraft



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  1. Billy Joe says:

    Hi there, I read your blogs on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

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