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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and PTSD. Can you help using hypnotherapy?


Dear Dr Kraft

I am a veteran and I worked all over Iraq, Qatar, Afganistan and even in Ireland. I then, from the Territorial Army, moved on to become a regular. I worked through the ranks and I am now an officer. Rank: Captain.


I have seen some terrible sights in Iraq. On one occasion, we were being shot at continuously for nearly two week. I worked in Baghdad, Basrah and in Al Jahra in Kuwait. I have seen children lying dead on the floor with their bodies blown to pieces and I need to speak to you. I am lost. Sometimes, when there is a tragedy I can deal with everything around me like Superman. But, sometimes, I fall to pieces. I feel like I cannot do the simplest of things. I am frightened and always looking over my shoulder, and I panic like a baby. I am suffering from PTSD.


I know that you have had experience working in this areas, and it says all about it on your website. I was recommended by my doctor at the MoD hospital near my UK case and she said that I should come to see you.


Please help and contact me as soon as you can.




Dear Sir

I should very much like to help you and I will be able to see you next week. Please ring my secretary on 0207 467 8564, and we will fit you in at some point next week.


David Kraft

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