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Psychological Support for the Military

Psychological Support for the Military

David Kraft has had a great deal of experience providing military personnel with psychological support. The main work that he does revolves around helping military service men and women suffering from PTSD. People coming back from the forces find it very difficult to re-integrate into society. The other important strand to the work is helping members of the services to get suitable jobs and move on in their lives. This is a particularly difficult task, because explaining what happens in war zones is almost impossible. Families and friends are unable to understand. Often military personnel are able quickly and efficiently to deal with panic situations in their everyday lives. If there is some sort of disturbance or crisis, they are able to be superhuman and deal with the problem at hand. However, ironically, in every day situations, quite often they find the simplest of tasks very difficult. It must be extremely difficult for military personnel to cope in civilian life. In the army and the navy and in other services, there is a clear chain of command—that is the say, a hierarchy of various ranks. In civilian life there is no such hierarchy, and military personnel find this very difficult.

Many military personnel also suffer from some form of PTSD. In severe cases, a man or woman will be unable to cope with everyday life. Police sirens and ambulances or any loud noise may cause the individual to feel anxious or go into panic mode. Some individuals experience panic attacks while others feel on edge and terrified throughout the day. Others find it difficult to sleep at night and experience nightmares or night terrors. In these cases, it is important to use dissociative techniques in hypnosis to deal with this trauma. Sometimes the key trauma was an actual traumatic event whereas on other occasions the trauma could be a near miss with something dreadful which could have happened. Nevertheless, in all cases, the response to stimuli is largely unconscious. The techniques using hypnosis address the original problem in a safe way. Clients are able to dissociate themselves from the original incident and this helps no recovery.

David Kraft has worked with a number of military personnel over the years and has helped them both with the re-integration into society as well as the post traumatic stress disorder. He has also been involved with the MOD and helping to train psychologists in dealing with pain management.

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