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Psychotherapy for insomnia in Enfield. Please help.

Dr Kraft

I have been suffering from insomnia for about seven years. I feel alert at bed time, and it gets worse when my shifts are all over the place. Sometimes I work lates on Tuesday and sometimes on Saturdays. I just lie there thinking about all the things that I need to do the next day. I worry about what it happening above me cause I live on the third floor and I have two floors above me. They seem to jump around at night for some reason and are constantly banging and nailing things together. It drives me MAD.

I don’t have any problems when I go away, Apart from the first night when I am apprehensive about new surroundings. I am a builder by trade although I do shift work for a friend. I also suffer from terrible jet lag when I go to the States. I need you help to get rid of my insomnia. I understand that you use hypnotherapy for this and this would really be helpful to me in treatment. How much do the hypnotherapy sessions cost? Will I be in c troll when the hypnotherapy happens? I am a bit of a control freak and need to know the answers to these questions before I book an appointment.

While I am on the subject of sleep. My girlfriends says that I toos and turn during the night and this affects her sleep too. Can you help me with this?

From *****

Dear *****

I can certainly help you. Hypnotherapy sessions in Enfield cost 100GBP. Cosmopolitan Court is just off the A10 near Southbury Road. To book a session, just ring me on 07946 579645.


David Kraft





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