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Where can I get psychological help, psychotherapy or counselling in Enfield

Dear Dr David Kraft

I have been suffering from depression for many years. In fact, ever since my boyfriend left me. I miss him so much and want to get back with him. I saw him in Enfield Town going shopping near the market and burst into tears, and he saw me. I felt so week and useless like a dirty rag. I went to my GP and he offered me anti-depressant medication. What? There is nothing wrong with me! I am depressed because I am lonely and miss my X; the drugs won’t help me. I have friends near me in Enfield who have taken these drugs and feel numb. I want to be alive. I asked my GP for psychotherapy or counselling whatever it is) and there is a 6 month waiting list for CBT. I looked at the internet and I am so confused. I want to be helped by someone I trust in my own way. I feel that 6 sessions are CBT is too prescriptive and too rushed.




Dear ****

I can certainly see you for psychotherapy in Enfield Town. Sessions here are much cheaper than in Harley Street and I can see you without a GP referral.

Please ring 0207 467 8564 or 07946 579645 for a session, and, in the meantime look at my website on the Enfield Psychotherapy page. This will give you so important information about my services.

Enfield Psychotherapy

Enfield Town

David Kraft

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

Can I see you for psychotherapy in Enfield?

Dear Sir

I need to come and see you for psychotherapy in Enfield. What is IAPT?. It does not seem like ‘improved psychological services’. I can’t get psychological help for love nor money and this in itself depresses me. They have lost it in this country. Everyone is so stressed and the services get worse and worse. The underground gets more and more packed and louder. Every one is so stressed and we all speak to customer services departments and automated messages. No wonder people are so negative and angry all the time. And I am one of them. And there are no psychotherapists available on the NHS!! I need to have psychotherapy and need to be near where I live which is on the outskirts of Enfield, near Winchmore Hill. I saw a lady psychotherapist in Enfield last year and she made me worse. She nit-picked at all my fears and made me feel worse about myself. I need a platform in which I can work through all my problems. I am fearful in social situations. I have not had a girlfriend for about three years and I can’t sleep at night. I am also moving house to somewhere a bit quieter, but still in Enfield. Can you help? I have been living here for about ten years. I like the fact that I can get from Enfield Town to Liverpool Street in about forty minutes. There are lots of trains from Enfield Town and Bush Hill Park. The train service from Winchmore Hill is also decent, but I am fearful of public transport and this needs to be sorted out too. And I hate tannoys so much.


Thank you for your enquiry. My approach to psychotherapy is both non-judgemental and controlled by you. I look forward to seeing you for psychotherapy in Enfield.


David Kraft

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist