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Last month, TV presenter, Caroline Flack, committed suicide just weeks before she was due to appear in court. She had been accused of assaulting her boyfriend and this, together with mass media coverage, had had a terrible effect on her mental health. Caroline Flack, who was brought up in Enfield, north London, won the 12th series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2014. A member of her family asked the press to be respectful and provide them with some time away from press coverage to grieve her death. However, as per usual, the press continued to write article upon article making assumptions about the situation prior to the suicide. Caroline is the third contestant in the dating show to have committed suicide; surely, questions have to be asked about the effect of mass, targeted media coverage of these celebrities. Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Graydon also complained that the media made up terrible lies about their lives and, the problem is that readers tend to believe what is written. This can make celebrities feel isolated, unprotected, let down and vulnerable. This leads to feelings of hopelessness, depression and anxiety amongst many other psychological conditions. Some people can cope with media attention but, for others, particularly when what is being said is not kind, find it more difficult. This can lead to drug abuse, over-eating or under-eating, alcohol addiction, and other maladaptive behaviours. Joshua Anthony has gained over half a million signatures in the attempt to make changes to the way that the media reports public figures like Caroline Flack. Let’s see what happens…

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David Kraft is a well-respected psychotherapist. Based in Harley Street, he also has a private practice in Enfield. Some celebrities know him as ‘the therapist for the stars’; however, this is not widely known, because all his clients tend to keep their therapy secret; and, indeed, confidentiality is of paramount importance.

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