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Where can I get hypnotherapy for my Panic Disorder in London

December 2nd 2016

Dear David Kraft

I found you website on line and hoped that I can get to see you. I suffer from panic attacks but they are so random. I went sky diving the other day and had no problems, but last week I went to a revolving restaurant high up and had a panic attack in the middle of my meal. I can’t stand it. It is like a demon attacking me. I have a sense of impending doom and think that I am about to die or have a heart attack. I have read all the literature on the subject and it all points towards the same thing–panic attacks and panic disorder.

I am so confident in all other areas of my life and then this happen 6 months ago. Can you help?

I hear that hypnotherapy can help people with this disorder. There. I said it. I have a disorder. I don’t like the idea of going to see a psychotherapist but I have to come to terms with what I have got. My mother went to see a hypnotherapist with her spider phobia. A friend of mine, *****, went to see a psychologist who used hypnotherapy to help her to give up smoking. Both were successful. How to I get a referral? Thanks.

Dear ********

I can see you in Enfield (North London) or in Harley Street (the West End), and you can book a hypnotherapy session directly with me. Panic disorder and agoraphobia, which is sometimes related, are often very selective disorders. I can help you to achieve results that you need in a shorter time frame using hypnotherapy.

David Kraft


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