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Where can I go to see a proper bona fide, qualified hypnotherapist or psychotherapist?

David Kraft Harley Street

Dear Sir

Where can I find a decent, bona fide hypnotherapist? I need someone who is a qualified hypnotherapist. Does he or she need to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist? I don’t know. I wen to see someone recently, who damaged me and I need to iron out all the things that he did to me in hypnosis. Aggh. Please help.

Google User.

Reply by Dr David Kraft, 11.6.2017

Dear Madam

The most important thing for you to do is to find a registered health professional–someone who wold treat you with or without hypnosis. It is important for you to find a doctor, dentist, chartered psychologist (clinical psychologist or counselling psychologist) or an accredited counsellor or psychotherapist.

I wish you all the best in finding someone suitable.

David Kraft, PhD

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