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Bereavement Counselling in Enfield

Bereavement Counselling in Enfield

When we lose a loved one it can be difficult for individuals, as well as the whole family. Some people are able to deal with the loss of a loved one by talking to friends and family; however, when this becomes more of a problem, people may need to seek psychological support. Bereavement Counselling is a specialised form of psychological support and, interestingly, people when they come for this sort of counselling often find the other issues – fears and anxieties, problems within the family context, and so forth. What I tend to do is recommend having six sessions and then seeing on from there. Some people are able to deal with the issues quickly, while others needs more than 10 sessions. Often, there are all sorts of feelings associated with guilt: some individuals focus in on themselves while others experience psychosomatic problems.


One very useful technique is to look at the love one’s life, as far as one can remember, celebrating what that person achieved and thinking of important events in the past. Kübler-Ross spoke with the five stages of grief: 1. denial and isolation, 2. anger, 3. bargaining, 4. depression, and 5. acceptance. It is important to note that often people experience all or only some of these conditions, and it doesn’t necessarily happen in that order.


I am often involved in providing unconditional support and helping people to begin to re-build the family dynamics. Others turn to their close friends around them. But the key to treatment is having significant time to work from some of these key issues – coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. One of the best ways to do this is to begin to look forward and review one’s desired future with the family and friends. Some people, particularly the elderly, have very few friends and family; so it is important for those people to build up a social network by going to an event once or twice a week.


David has a clinic in Enfield which is just off the Cambridge Road. For more information please phone David Kraft on (020) 7467 8564 or ring his work mobile phone number which is (07946) 579645.

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