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I am in London and I need help with my spider phobia

Spider Phobia

Dear Dr David Kraft

I experience a great deal of stress when I see or even think about spiders. I have used hypnotherapy before and I found it helpful for giving up smoking and reducing exam stress. I lose control when I think about spiders. I am generally a very confident person but when I see a spider I feel like I have lost all sense of control. My boyfriend has to go into the back yard first to look for spiders and he has to check the path when going towards the back of the garden. Any nook or cranny, he has to go first. I can’t go away either. I want to go to Australia and I can’t because of my fear of coming across spiders. I have a terrible phobia and I need help. I looked on the internet and found you name. I know that ou have treated lost of animal phobias before. I also understand that you are able to treat me in Enfield too. I work around Harley Street in the West End. But at the weekend I can come and see you in Enfield. Enfield Psychotherapy is just around from a friend of mine so we can have a met up afterwards.

Thanks Jen


Dear Jen

I can certainly book an appointment for you. Please ring my secretary on the  number on my website.


David Kraft

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