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Is the Enfield Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Clinic right for you?

A great number of people in the Enfield area are experiencing stress and anxiety and I unable to get adequate treatment on the NHS. Many are put on long waiting lists or told that they need specialist treatment which, again, takes time to organise. Private psychotherapy and counselling costs money, and some people feel that they prefer to wait for a number of months and get free treatment. The problem with this approach is that they, often, don’t get any better and, in some instances, people get worse while waiting. And, indeed, one of the main problems of stress and anxiety in this country is the waiting for treatment. This is why many people avoid going to see their GPs and getting specialist treatment in the hospital setting.


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DAVID KRAFT runs a successful private practice and his main approach is to help people in the shortest time possible. In fact, David also offers treatment options and reduced rates for people short of cash. Located just off the Great Cambridge Road, the clinic is situated in Bush Hill Park, Enfield. Mondays to Fridays, between 9am and 6pm, there is a concierge on the door to let you in. There is also a comfortable sofa for you to sit on if you arrive early; and, when it is time for your appointment, you can take a lift up to the fourth floor. The building is a block of flats and offices; it is discreet and very quiet indeed.

Some people prefer a counselling approach, while others require more psychoanalysis. David also uses hypnotherapy where appropriate. What is also interesting is the fact that David gives his mobile phone number to clients. He says that you can ring him any time of the day and he means it; and, for the most part, people do not to abuse this service.

For many, psychotherapy and counselling are strange interactions, particularly in the first instance. When you first meet your therapist is important to build rapport straight away: without rapport psychotherapy cannot take place. David is a particularly friendly psychotherapist with a great deal of compassion: indeed, this is the key to his success as a practitioner.

If you’d like to come for some counselling or psychotherapy, please ring (07946) 579645. The Enfield Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Clinic has built up a reputation of being an excellent service in the Enfield area. For more information please go to the following web address:-


Enfield Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
David Kraft PhD
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0207 467 8564 (General Enquiries)
07946 579645 (Work Mobile)

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