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Mental Health Care for the Military


Topic: Top quality psychological support for the military.

Dear Sir,

I contacted SSAFA which I think is the longest-standing support network  for the military. They suggested that I need counselling. I am suffering from being ni the forces too long and it is driving me mad. I lost my mother recently and it is like losing a limb. I feel that I need to control everything around me and when I don’t get my on way and get angry. I count thin obsessionally and it helps me reduce my fear but it returns again very quickly. I have fought all over the place – in Basra, Baghdad, Ireland, in the Baltics, in North Africa. I am constantly cold in this country and feel isolated. I feel isolated everywhere apart from when I am on tour. But I crave coming home on the second day of being posted. It is insane. I feel isolated  on the plane unless I am with my girlfriend as she takes care of me. I am based near Sandhurst but I am too busy and I hate the London Underground. I am also sometimes at my sisters house in Notts so I can’t come to visit soon. Can I speak to you on the telephone? Please help.



Dear Jeff

All the aspects of our psychological state which you describe are common in those whom have been away in the forces. The problem is one of re-integration and dealing with any traumas or stress in your active service. I would be delighted to help, as I have helped many veterans before you.


Please contact my secretary on 0207 467 8564 and we will book you in for an appointment. If you are unable to come and visit me by public transport, I can offer you telephone counselling at a reduced rate. Many individuals in the military respond well to telephone counselling because it does not interfere with their life and they can do in the comfort of their own home.


Dr David Kraft

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