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Tottenham Literature Festival

In a recent blog (28/10/2019), I spoke about the importance of community spirit in helping people to feel that they belong. In this day and age, a lot of people feel isolated in their local neighbourhood and this is partly to do with the amount of violence on the streets. Many people stay at home and are unaware of activities that occur in the local town in which they live. This, in turn, has a massive effect on anxiety and depression levels in the UK. And, in places where there is a lot of violence, in Enfield or in Tottenham for example, the problem is worse. However, there are events in the local area in which people can meet other like-minded individuals; and, by connecting with other people, we feel our place within society, and this, if done in the right way, can help us to feel more confident generally.


From Friday 1st of November to Saturday 9th of November, the Bernie Grant Arts Centre will be holding a new, innovative festival focussing on the power of words. The festival will include readings, talks, debates, discussions, the showing of films and educational workshops and will highlight the work of contemporary black writers in the local area. This is the Tottenham Literature Festival, a event designed for a diverse community. People from all over the local area—from Enfield, Tottenham, Edmonton, Hackney, Southgate—will be coming to support these writers. It is an exciting programme which will demonstrate the power of words through prose, poetry, memoirs and the spoken word. Dr David Kraft, a psychotherapist in the local area, said that the event, ‘Would captivate and enlighten the souls of all attendees with the power and wonderment of words’. The Artistic Director of the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Hannah Azieb Pool, pointed out that this new event was designed to celebrate a rich history of black literature across the ages. She also said that this festival, the first of its kind in the local area, would ‘transform lives’ for the better. There will be literature for all ages, including some poetry readings, discussions on black hair and poetry on mandem culture. There will also be a range of recitals which will focus on black activism, gender, gentrification and sexuality. Confirmed speakers for the festival include Emma Dabiri, Victoria Adukwei-Bulley and Mary Otumahana.


Where is Tottenham? On the A10, Tottenham is past Enfield and Edmonton.

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If you are looking to take off weight, one of the best ways to do so is to use hypnotherapy. David Kraft is a specialist psychotherapist who has helped a huge number of women and men take off weight. The basic strategy employs a combination of hypnotherapy, exercise and diet. During the hypnotherapy, you will ask to visualise what weight you want to be in the future and to see yourself as that person. The idea is that the hypnotherapy will help you to effect the lifestyle change which is right for you.

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All the people who come to see David at his clinic are different. Some have one session and go on their way, eating more healthily straight away. Others book a block of sessions – say, 6 appointments – and they tend to see an immediate effect, and then embark on a more long-term weight loss programme. There are others who come from time to time for a top up after they have taken off a significant amount of weight. This process does not work for everybody; indeed, the most important aspects of this work are one’s willingness to work in this way, and rapport.


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