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Treating Performance Anxiety using Hypnotherapy

UKCP-accredited psychotherapist, David Kraft, is a specialist in treating performance anxiety. A musician himself, he has worked with, over the years, a number of performers in the arts. These include opera singers, rock and pop singers, various instrumentalists, dancers, actors and actresses, and individuals involved in musical theatre.

He has also worked very closely with people involved in sports – for example, golfers cricketers, footballers, and martial art practitioners.

The approach that David uses is to pair the stressful situation with relaxation: this is best done in hypnosis. David also employs systematic desensitisation and a number of other behavioural approaches in psychology to help people gain control and maximise their potential.

A lot of people find that it is helpful to text or ring David before auditions or performances but this does not work for everybody: some people like to get on with it and then make a telephone call after the performance. This varies from person to person. The results have been excellent, and it is for this reason that many performers have recommended DAVID KRAFT for treatment. David has worked with a number of professional actors and actresses; it is for this reason that he has been recommended by so many artists on the stage or on television. Some people have described their anxiety as stage fright; and, after treatment, feel that they are 90%-95% confident. Others feel that their anxiety has reduced so significantly that they only have feelings of excitement before and during a performance.

For an appointment please ring DAVID KRAFT on (020) 7467 8564 or, alternatively, ring him on his work mobile which is (07946) 579645.


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