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Treatment options for Kinemortophobia (Fear of Zombies).

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Dear Dr David Kraft

I suffer from Kinemortophobia which is the fear of zombies. Most people think that I a, crazy but I know that you have treated a huge number of phobic people and have treated some strange ones. I have seen your hypnotherapy website. I am terrified about being bitten or attacked by zombies and then turning into one for the rest of my days or eternity. I fear being near dead animales and hospital; I can’t go to graveyards or even churches. Please help. Can hypnotherapy help?

Thanks I

Dear I

I can certainly help you with their phobias. The treatment option is systematic desensitization combined with psychodynamic psychotherapy. The desensitization is employed in the hypnotherapy work. I  am sure that we can find an appointment slot for you next week. All the best


David Kraft


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